The Om Shanti Vibe Story

Liz Mandeville is a Certified Yoga Instructor. She's been practicing Hatha Yoga for more than twenty years. It started as a way to keep fit and have fun, taking a weekly class with a friend. But the principles of the yogic lifestyle did so much to improve her life that she decided to share it with her friends and fans.


Yoga will not only improve your balance and flexibility but the breath work, the meditation and positive thinking will help you sleep better and improve all aspects of your life. Hatha Yoga focuses on breathing, mindfulness and moving slowly through the postures, listening to the wisdom of the body as you move through your life. There's also an emphasis on eating healthfully, giving yourself the tools you need to really enjoy your time on Earth. The mottos of Hatha Yoga are "Avoid future suffering!" and "No pain, no pain."


Laughter, music and love are all more accessible when you feel good! Yoga has helped Liz Mandeville recover from life threatening injuries and illness, not once but many times! After battling pneumonia in 2015, coming close to death and losing all her strength, Liz was able to restore herself to amazingly good health with the help of the ancient traditions and practitioners of Hatha Yoga. She was so impressed with the amazing transformation in her own body and voice, that she took a residency at the Sivananda Ashram and got a Sound Healing Certification. 

Part of Liz's training at the Ashram was in the use of Mantra, which is medicine melody sung in Sanskrit, an ancient energy language that effects the body on a cellular level. In the beginning was the word, and it was OM, the seed word for all language. Om, when chanted, has a powerful effect on the body and mind, calming yet focusing. Shanti is the Sanskrit word for Peace. It also has a profoundly calming effect when chanted. In music, the use of tone, melody and rhythm have always been the most important elements in creating a vibe that makes people feel good, and after all, feeling good is the point! 


The Yoga of Sound, or Nada Yoga, has been used since ancient times to balance and re-set the body, mind and spirit. In our complex and stressed out world it's nice to know that there are modalities, tried and true for centuries, that will help you to feel energized, excited and happy in your own skin.  Join Liz soon as she launches her yoga subscription platform to share these easily accessible modalities with you. You don't have to be perfect to feel perfectly wonderful and that is the point of Liz Mandeville's Om Shanti Vibe.

What is Yoga of Sound?

Meditation and Nada are deeply rooted in yoga tradition.
Meditation helps focus and declutter your mind.

The ancient practice of Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, can include chanting mantra, playing bells, drums, tuning forks and singing bowls. The rhythmic tones will tune up your entire being.

Enjoy Liz Mandeville's calming voice and soothing tones for a trancendental, blissful experience.

Liz Mandeville is now a 
Certified Theta Healer.
Theta Healing is a technique that uses deep meditation, intuition and prayer to root out past traumas, injuries or harmful thought patterns that cause physical and mental distress. Negative thought patterns and habits can be hurting you, but you  can change them! Safe, contactless online readings can be done from anywhere on the globe. Don't suffer, contact Liz today.
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This is my 3rd time. I keep coming back  bringing more people.  Super relaxing

It was amazing!

I felt relaxed, tingly and warm, vibrations  in my body.

I felt my cells in my body rise up from my body

It was so soothing. I saw colors! 

My back pain went away.  Slept like a baby.

Different. Relaxing. Look forward to coming again.

Emily M.

Maralyn O.

Carolina M.

Deanna V.

Cierra R.