Weekly Sound Bath

Meditation and Mantra with Crystal Singing Bowls and Meditation Drum

Sunday @1:00 PM on Facebook Live
Love donation accepted. Please click Donate button.  

What is Yoga of Sound?
Meditation and Sound Therapy are
two valuable parts of your yoga practice.
Meditation will focus and declutter your mind.
The ancient practice of Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound)
will tune up your entire being.
Enjoy Liz Mandeville's calming voice and soothing tones for a trancendental, blissful experience.
What to expect:
First, Laying comfortably, you're lulled by a relaxing Guided Meditation
Diving into inner-space, following the rhythm of your breath 
Next, You' re bathed in the sweet, pure tones from specially tuned crystal singing bowls,
 and meditation instruments played by a master musician.
Waves of sound engulf you, penetrate your body, resetting your biosphere
Your whole being is massaged by the sound waves caressing you
Wake refreshed with a renewed sense of calm and balance.


This is my 3rd time. I keep coming back  bringing more people.  Super relaxing

It was amazing!

I felt relaxed, tingly and warm, vibrations  in my body.

I felt my cells in my body rise up from my body

It was so soothing. I saw colors! 

My back pain went away.  Slept like a baby.

Different. Relaxing. Look forward to coming again.

Emily M.

Maralyn O.

Carolina M.

Deanna V.

Cierra R.

© 2018 Liz Mandeville

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