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Monthly Sound Healing Meditation

 @ Infinity Yoga Chicago - 53 W Jackson Blvd 

     Suite 362 

3rd Thursday of each month 6:30 -7:30 PM

$25 pre-registered $30 at the door

Pre-register here.

Park for $8.00 on Harrison & Dearborn St.

What is Yoga of Sound?
Laying comfortably on a blanket, you're lulled by a relaxing Guided Meditation
Diving into inner-space, following the rhythm of your breath 
You' re bathed in the sweet, pure tones from specially tuned crystal singing bowls,
 and meditation instruments played by a master musician.
Waves of sound engulf the room, penetrate your body, resetting your biosphere
Your whole being is massaged by the sound waves caressing you
Wake refreshed with a renewed sense of wonder.


This is my 3rd time. I keep coming back  bringing more people.  Super relaxing

It was amazing!

I felt relaxed, tingly and warm, vibrations  in my body.

I felt my cells in my body rise up from my body

It was so soothing. I saw colors! 

My back pain went away.  Slept like a baby.

Different. Relaxing. Look forward to coming again.

Emily M.

Maralyn O.

Carolina M.

Deanna V.

Cierra R.

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