Liz Mandeville Sings Jazz

From a childhood spent listening to Mom's Broadway LP's, pop radio and New Orleans Jazz heard on family trips south, Liz's life is words and music. Dad was into roots music, but he also brought home the Dave Brubeck, Herb Alpert and Ramsey Lewis records. 


A natural mimic, Liz imitated every artist she heard. Her favorite singers were Pearl Bailey, Louie Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Ray Charles. She sang in all the school musicals, usually in the character roles. She memorized whole scores and all the parts just for fun. She also picked up guitar to write and played at coffee houses.Her influences ranged far and wide. 

After leaving home she moved to Chicago. Her Columbia College BA ('96) was mentored by Music Dept Head and Jazz Legend, William Russo. She learned theory from Jazz Master Orbert Davis. She studied voice for eight years with Operatic Baritone, Doug Susu-Mago, giving her a classical foundation that allowed Liz to use her voice like an athlete. She put herself through school by singing in Chicago Blues venues at night and taking classes during the day. Like Ernestine Anderson, Liz brings the soul of the blues to her jazz repertoire. Like Ella and Sassy, she loves to improvise, scat and play with melodies.

Following graduation, Liz landed a record deal with Blues Label, Earwig Music. Here Liz developed her songwriting skills and led her own band. Years of touring, writing and recording honed Liz's musical skills, and polished her stage craft. She's at home singing in an intimate nightclub, on stage in a packed Theater or headlining a festival.

Surviving a head-on collision in 2016, Liz was severely injured. Doctors warned that she'd not sing again.  Undaunted she refused the pain meds and set about healing with acupuncture, yoga and music.

"It was a blessing to be in that car crash," Liz said from her home in Chicago, "the concussion made screens off-limits. So I listened to Jazz on the radio. I rediscovered my love of this music. Me not sing? No, no! They can't take that away from me!" 

 Liz was discovered by producer Daryl Nitz who featured her in shows honoring Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and others. Their latest collaboration was a sold out show at the Skokie Theater. Their Ella Fitzgerald show sold out the City Winery.

Liz works with a variety of musicians, trio and combo settings. She also works with Andy Sutton's Jazz Orchestra. Based in Chicago, Liz performs all over the world. She's inspired by singers Ethel Waters, Ernestine Anderson, Julie London, Peggy Lee, Doris Day and of course, Ella, Dinah and Sassy. But Liz has her own style. Years of professional honing have warmed her lush nearly four octave voice and sharpened her witty stage patter. She loves to swing and scat but her ballads will melt your heart. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Liz Singing at the Purple Room in Palm Springs, CA 

Liz Singing The Look Of Love from her sold out tribute to Burt Bacharach